IIFA 2022

Client: Wizcraft
Scope: Full production Rigging
View at: https://iifa.com
The International Indian Film AcademyAwards is the Bollywood equivalent to the Oscars. Held annually, it celebrates the very best talent that the Indian film industry has to offer. 

In 2022, Unusual Rigging & Engineering was contracted by Wizcraft to provide full production rigging for the event. They were also required to work closely with both the suppliers and designer to ensure not only that the design concept was achieved but that it could be installed within the time restrictions and loadings available. 

For this project, Unusual: 
  • Installed: 265 hoists, 8 x 1t Kinesys hoists for the main LED screen, 3 x 0.5t hoists for performer flying and flown set props, 2 x 3m per/ s high speed winches, 850m truss, 3 x truss circles
  • Reviewed all stage element requirements and devised a simple solution that covered a number of items including – magic carpet with singer, flying platform for dancers, aerialist act with giant 6m dress, elevator platform for boom box, etc
  • Used two high speed winches that connected to a customer made platform for the final act which required the artiste to appear from within the house LED score board and descend to the crowd whilst performing his act.
  • Controlled all the automation via the Kinesys stystem with a mentor that allowed Unusual to have multiple E-stops placed around the stage and venue.
  • Got creative with truss use to match the curves and twists of the stage design. Nearly all trusses over the stage were curved and not uniformly curved in both the vertical and horizontal axis.
  • Supplied 10 riggers, 2 automation technicians for load in as well as 9 riggers for 3 days for the venue rigging.
  • Ensured that the build was smooth and that every detail and challenge was picked up in the design phase, leading to zero changes on site. 

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