Regional Launch of Samsung Smart TV

Daily shows utilised a split LED screen, which made 11 movements during each presentation and weighed over 3 tons, requiring a robust yet discreet presentation ‘theatre’. Using Prolyte’s S52V square truss, Unusual Rigging designed and fabricated a 7m high x 15m wide ground support rig which incorporated the track for the screen. The structure was then clad with Samsung branding. Each show lasted 45 minutes and took place four times a day. Crucially, the screen had to be l

Gala Dinner, 2012 Watch and Jewellery Exhibition

During the 2012 Watch and Jewellery Exhibition in Doha, a gala dinner was held at the Sheraton Hotel, where the evening’s entertainment included dramatic performances by aerial artists, dancers and musicians. Essential to the performance were two concentric rings, 8m and 10m in diameter, designed to look like cogs from a watch. Flown above the stage, the ‘cogs’ appeared to float in mid-air, moving and gyrating in time to the music. The original equipment was delayed in tr