URE adds another two NRC certified riggers to the crew

6th February 2024

URE is delighted to add another two NRC certified riggers to its crew. The company is leading the way for safety standards in rigging in the UAE by ensuring all of the company's riggers are either working towards achieving NRC accreditation or have already achieved NRC status. 

This month, riggers Felix Simbulas and Bikash Adhikari flew to the UK to undertake the training. This was completed successfully and now brings the total number of NRC certified riggers at URE to 9.

URE Managing Partner, Denis Bramhall commented: "NRC really is the gold standard when it comes to rigging safety and we are very proud that we can bring that level of assurance to the table for all our customers - not something that other companies in the region are ableto offer." He continued: "We feel it is important, not just for our clients, but also for our employees. We pride ourselves on offering top quality training and professional development to the entire team so that they feel confident doing the job they do and also enjoy developing their careers and gaining satisfaction from them."

The National Rigging Certificate (NRC) is an accreditation that has been developed for riggers working within the entertainment industry. The scheme, developed in the UK, enables riggers to demonstrate their practical skills, knowledge and expertise to a UK National Occupational Standard and attain recognition of those skills in their chosen rigging discipline. Each individual who achieves the accreditation receives a Certificate and skills ID card.

Unusual Rigging has been a contributor to, and supporter of, the NRC accreditation scheme since its inception in 2007 and all our riggers meet or are working towards achieving these standards. The scheme is widely recognised within the entertainment industry and many companies, including Unusual Rigging, have added their endorsement to the scheme.

To find out more about the NRC, you can visit http://www.plasa.org/pd/qualifications


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