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"We recruited the best teams in the world to assist with the planning and installation of the project; our trial runs are like dress rehearsals for a stage show, the fitting of Reflective Flow was our 'opening night' and everything was seamless. Everyone who worked with us on the installation performed their tasks professionally and admirably."
Beau McClellan
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Reflective Flow for Hitmi Property Development

Client: Beau McClellan Design
Location: Doha, Qatar

At 38.5 metres in length, Reflective Flow is the world's largest chandelier, consisting of 2,300 individually hand ground optical crystals and using some 55,000 LEDs. Designed by Beau McClellan, Reflective Flow weighs in at 20 tons (22 US tons) and is installed in the atrium of a new office building on The Corniche in Doha, Qatar.

The dynamics of the building, with a glass ceiling and two glass walls, made the installation more complicated, as the only fixing points strong enough to take the weight were in the concrete surrounding the lift shafts. Unusual Rigging and Engineering assisted the Beau McClellan Design team in the planning and execution of the installation, with Steve Porter as project manager. Steve worked with the structural engineers from Beau McClellan Design for some 15 months and visited the Beau McClellan Design studio to see the frame of the chandelier being built, which enabled him to devise the complete rigging scheme, including the design of the chandelier's fixings.

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