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"Unusual Rigging was creative and positive in solving the challenges that were asked of them, and their site team carried out the task with professionalism and immense skill."
David MacIntyre,
Technical Director, AMCI Europe
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Launch of new Kia Facility

Client: Reliable International Automotive
Production Company: AMCI Europe
Location: Muscat, Oman

For this stunning event Unusual Rigging and Engineering was required to design a rig that would support the Chinese acrobats performing in front of the new building. A cantilevered rig was built on the roof and extended out from the building by 6m. As well as the acrobats, the rig supported 11 vertical ‘ribbons’ measuring 1m wide and 13m long, plus 100kg of moving lights. In addition to the safety requirements of the acrobats, other considerations for the structure included an allowance of just 500kg per sq metre on the roof and guide wires to prevent the ribbons, which were flown up together from ground level during the evening, being blown around by the wind.

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